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If you or someone you love has been hurt in an accident, a Ventura personal injury attorney can help you heal quickly and rebuild your life after the misfortune.

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What Is a Personal Injury Case?

The civil justice system allows accident victims to seek financial compensation for various expenses that were caused by another’s careless actions or wrongdoing. Common types of accidents involved in personal injury cases include:

  • Car Accidents
  • Bicycle Accidents
  • Slip, Trip and Fall Accidents
  • Boating Accidents
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Uber / Lyft Accidents
  • Aircraft Accidents
  • Wrongful Death
  • Foster Care Abuse
  • Nursing Home Physical Abuse
  • Dog Bites
  • Worksite Accidents

In most cases, the injured person or surviving family is awarded an amount of money by the person or company legally responsible for causing the accident.

What a Personal Injury Attorney Can Do for You

The experienced team at Myers, Widders, Gibson, Jones & Feingold, LLP, has the knowledge and the resources to help you fight for the restitution you deserve. Oftentimes, people find themselves overwhelmed with the complex process of filing their claim, gathering evidence, and presenting it in court. With the help of a talented trial attorney, you will have guidance throughout every step in your journey toward receiving financial help to heal properly. ​

You’ll be going up against large, powerful insurance companies. They have likely fought and won numerous claims just like yours in the past. Without a legal professional with a proven track record, you will be at a serious disadvantage and almost certainly lose your case. Even if you don’t think you need a lawyer, whoever you are filing a lawsuit against will get one, and you deserve the same level of legal representation as the defendant in your civil suit. Your lawyer fights for you and acts on your behalf, which takes the burden of handling a lawsuit off your shoulders.

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Legal issues do not arise often in most lives, but when they occur, few people have the knowledge of local laws and processes needed to protect their rights and ensure the best outcome.

We have been serving Ventura County since 1971 with unparalleled success. We pride ourselves on a deep tradition of excellence and service to both our clients and our community.

Dependable, experienced and talented, our diverse team of legal professionals brings integrity and commitment to every case.

$39 Million
Personal injury and wrongful death involving a CHP officer in Ventura, CA

$2.75 Million

Helicopter crash involving injuries to a Sheriff’s Deputy in Los Angeles, CA



Personal injury and wrongful death involving a CHP officer in Ventura, CA



Helicopter crash involving injuries to a Sheriff’s Deputy in Los Angeles, CA



Assault victim in Fillmore, CA


Pedestrian death in Los Angeles, CA


Motorcycle crash in Malibu, CA
Bicycle collision in Ojai, CA
Slip and fall at restaurant in Santa Paula, CA
Past results are not a guarantee of future results, and the outcome of your particular case or matter cannot be predicted using a lawyer's or law firm's past results.

Personal Injury FAQ

The Myers, Widders, Gibson, Jones & Feingold, LLP specializes in serious accident and personal injury cases and has successfully represented thousands of injured clients throughout Ventura County and the Southern California area for over 49 years. Our Personal Injury attorneys are some of the most experienced, aggressive, and tenacious in Ventura County. They are ready to handle for you and your family cases involving a major accident, personal injury, and/or wrongful death.

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Once we accept a personal injury case, we devote our full attention and resources to each stage of your case. This allows you and your loved ones to focus their attention on getting the emotional and physical care necessary to aid with their recovery from the accident. ​

Myers, Widders, Gibson, Jones & Feingold, LLP is committed to providing personal injury victims and their families with the aggressive advocacy and knowledgeable support they need to get results. Our Personal Injury attorneys and staff can provide you with the immediate attention you need to secure the justice you are entitled.

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