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Myers Widders has served as general counsel and special counsel to public agencies for over 35 years, and for school districts throughout Ventura County for 20 years.
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Compassionate Education Law Attorneys

In alignment with our commitment to public service, we aim to contribute to the long-term success of our school district clients. We offer our school district clients cost-effective comprehensive, and in-depth knowledge of relevant federal, state and local laws; informed counsel regarding risk assessment and prevention; and pragmatic solutions to a variety of transactional and litigation matters. We partner with our educational clients, carefully listening to their issues and working collaboratively to develop practical and legal options and solutions.

General Counsel Matters

We address all the relevant issues for starting a business on solid ground, including:
  • California Education Code
  • California Government Code
  • Brown Act
  • California Public Records Act
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Constitutional matters
  • Financing techniques
  • General counsel services related to bonds

Business and Facilities

We understand the importance of your business endeavor and can assist individuals, partners or existing business with the following:

  • Purchase and sale of real property, including compliance with surplus property laws
  • Public works bidding, prevailing wages
  • Preparation of construction front-end documents
  • Preparation, negotiation and enforcement of personal property leases
  • Preparation, negotiation and enforcement of real property leases
  • Negotiating and drafting third party agreements (e.g., service agreements, consultant agreements)
  • California Environmental Quality Act, Endangered Species Act
  • Land use and zoning, including general and specific plans, Subdivision Map Act

Labor and Employment

  • Qualifications for employment, licensing
  • Discipline and dismissal of employees
  • Seniority and tenure matters
  • Leaves of absences
  • Compensation

Insurance and Litigation

  • Insurance matters, loss prevention/risk management
  • Litigation and the avoidance of litigation, including land use, construction defect, construction contract, collections, landlord-tenant matters

Experienced Attorneys

Dennis Neil Jones is General Counsel to the Ventura County Schools Self-Funding Authority, an organization comprised of Ventura County school districts. Jones is also General Counsel to the Coastal Schools Employee Benefits Organization, an organization that administers Ventura County school employee benefits. The firm was retained by former students of Brooks Institute, after the college abruptly announced it was closing its doors.

Monte Widders is General Counsel and Jacquelyn Ruffin is Assistant General Counsel to the Rio School District. Widders and Ruffin have also represented other school districts throughout the county. They have developed a niche practice in handling the sale of surplus school district property.

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